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Based out of Toronto, Bossie makes music that, according to Stereogum, "inhabits a strange, amiable planet of ’80s synth pop and space rock."

A candied and often candy-coloured pop-pixie, Bossie’s roller-disco bass grooves and glittering guitars evoke an eighties revivalism that is both wildly fun and deeply wistful. Her debut record, Not Pictured is a pop album about modern culture, consumerism, social media and the pressures women confront in the 21st century - to be released
April 27 with Culvert Music.

Photos by Nick Tiringer, Amanda Fotes and Joseph Fuda


Vocals, Guitar, Synth / Bossie (Anne Douris)
Vocals, Guitar / Nixon Boyd
Bass / Nick Greaves / Vic Scherman
Live Synth / Michael Fong
Drums / Sam Sholdice